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Digital Account Manager / Digital Advisor

in a small fast growing company

Job description

The Digital Advisor will report directly to the Delivery Manager and COO.


Every day, DIGITAL ADVICE GROUP takes on the challenge of the most ambitious web projects ever, gives life to the most creative concepts, and manages performance marketing campaigns. It is our mission, our duty: we use technology as a leverage for creativity.

DIGITAL ADVICE GROUP develops,produces and manage digital projects, creative solutions for several markets. From advertising to communication, from marketing to data visualization, DIGITAL ADVICE GROUP introduces game-changing information technologies to European companies. In order to increase DIGITAL ADVICE GROUP business potential, we are currently recruiting a Digital Advisor who will be based in Brussels and will frequently visit DIGITAL ADVICE GROUP’s clients. This is an inspiring challenge for an entrepreneur, dynamic and motivated Digital Advisor Talent looking forward to joining an expanding International Company in the Digital Advertising Industry. The company is based in Belgium

  • Provide end-to-end project management
  • Scope project requirements and prepare budget
  • Develop a detailed project plan and monitor progress
  • Collaborate with internal & external teams to design, develop and implement digital project
  • Develop support documentation including risk logs and requirement specifications
  • Monitor and report on Google Analytics metrics
  • Communicate with the team and ensure all members are on board with delegated tasks
  • Highlight potential risks or malfunctions and act proactively to resolve issues
  • Seek opportunities for improvement and suggest new projects
  • Higher Education (Master or Bachelor) in business administration, engineering or marketing.
  • Google environment, Microsoft Office and CS Suite is a big asset.
Required Experience
  • A first successful experience in Advertising or Digital Marketing, or Consulting.
  • A first successful experience in project management, account development or key account management.
  • An experience with project management tools.
  • Proven work experience as a Digital project manager
  • Understanding af Agile, Scrum and kanban approaches
  • Hands on experience with project management software, like Asana and/or Wrike
  • Familiarity with Content Management Systems
  • Understading of SEM and social media campaigns
  • Ability to read Google Analytics dashboards
  • Knowledge of Multisided platforms & SaaS
  • Solid technical background with an ability to address accessibility and compatibility issues 
  • Excellent organization and time management skills
  • Communication and team management skills
  • You are ready to evolve in fast-moving environment
  • You are willing to take initiatives 
  • You are embracing change and you accept that roles may evolve along the way
Those skills are a plus + 
  • Master in Computer Science, Digital Transformation, Software engineering, Commercial Engineering
  • Knowledge of Design thinking, Inbound & Growth Hacking methodologies
  • Social media advertising (managing Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter ads)
  • Search advertising / SEA (Adwords, Youtube, Bing, etc.)
  • Emailing automation skills (managing Mailchimp, Sending bleu, Mailgun, etc)
  • CRM knowledge (Intercom, Zoho, Salesforce, Pipedrive, etc.)
  • Coding skills (HTML/CSS/Javascript/Ruby/Python, etc.)
  • Design skills (photoshop, Sketch, etc.)
  • Fluent in Dutch, good communication and writing skills in French & English.
Personality / Competencies:
  • Very strong entrepreneurship and initiatives skills.
  • Strong commercial relation oriented. Customer and market-oriented.
  • Good presentation, negotiation, and communication skills.
  • Affinity with technical products and devices.
  • Enthusiastic & positive thinks, solution provider.
  • Attracted to design and build beautiful products.
  • Open and able to work independently.
  • Able to take responsibilities.
  • Organizational skills.
  • Resilient.
  • Empathetic.
  • Trustworthy.
Being interested in
  • Reading books & blog articles
  • Adventure, travels and other cultures
  • New technologies (Blockchain, AI, VR, IoT, etc.)
  • New ways to manage organizations
  • Startup up ecosystems 

More concretely

  • You are responsible for your client & good project delivery
    • You are the leader of the project – On Budge, On time, On scope
    • You will strategies, plan & assure quality
    • You will produce if it is in your expertise
    • You will look up for innovative solutions
    • You will share your knowledge with your client
  • You will manage your team
    • You will ensure ressource availability & allocation
    • Management of internal & external team (Delegating tasks, Controlling their time, budget & scope)
  • You will work on proposals (with managers)
    • Client problem understanding
    • Providing a strategy & an action plan
    • You will define the budget
    • You will convince your client (helped by partners & managers)
  • You will be implicated in the good evolution of the company
    • Process optimisation (automation, new tools, etc.)
    • Teamwork optimisation
    • New technology implementation (new ideas)
  • You will be ready to climb up the ladder in the company
    • from consultant, to digital advisor, to manager.
  • You will set your own goals & penalties with your manager
    • This way you set your own rules.
    • Manager has to approve them
    • Manager has to review it each month

Think you can take up the challenge?

Throw us an email with your cover letter and CV at work@digitag.co

Be part of our great adventure!